Citrix ADC (Netscaler) Developer License

One thing that is missing in my home lab is the ability to test with Citrix Application Delivery Controller (Citrix ADC). When reading through some Citrix Support articles, I came across this bad boy.

# How to obtain Citrix ADC Developer Edition licenses

Citrix ADC Developer Editions 9.3.e(3) through 11.1 can be obtained through this process.

  1. Log in to My Account ( )
  2. Go to Downloads
  3. Select product Citrix ADC
  4. Select Download type Virtual Appliances
  5. Select desired release and click on Citrix ADC VPX Developer Edition

  1. Scroll to bottom of page, expand License then Get license
  2. Accept licensing agreement
  3. Copy the license serial number in Notepad
  4. Go to My Account home page
  5. Go to Manage Licenses
  6. Click on Don’t see a new license?
  7. Enter license serial number copied earlier
  8. Click Add license to my account
  9. Enter MAC address of NetScaler
  10. Click on Continue / Confirm / Ok /
  11. Import the license file and Reboot the unit
  • ​​On the top left hand corner it would be visible as Citrix ADC VPX(1) however Premium features will be enabled validating the developer license has been applied.

Note : To find a MAC address on Citrix ADC: log in to Putty or directly into the appliance UI, with your credentials. Go to shell and run command “ lmutil lmhostid

There is no mention of how throttles the interface is on this machine, but as long as it is 10Mbit or higher, I am sure it will be fine for most home lab scenarios. I will be downloading the VPX this afternoon to run it through it’s paces.

Not too long ago, Citrix yanked the developer license from the download site, for unknown reasons.

But good news - the download is back in the download center (you will need to authenticate to in order to download, but it is there!);