Citrix - Desktop Studio Error ( Active Directory) - It was DNS

Recently, on a brand new installation of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.15 CU5, formerly known as XenDesktop and XenApp, I was faced with a bit of a head scratcher when first launching Citrix Studio. I received the dreaded “The current user does not appear to be a member of the active Directory domain. Studio cannot be run by a local user” error.


After first verifying that I was in fact logging into the domain, and not as a local admin, I had to head out to get some coffee to clear my head as there was nothing in the logs that was relevant to the issue I was experiencing.


After all my years in doing IT, I learned a very valuable lesson - it’s always DNS. In my case, I was thinking no way. How can DNS impact who I am logged in as. Well - I stand corrected. Who ever installed the DNS server, fat fingered some of the configuration. After updating the config in DNS, I attempted to re-launch CItrix Studio. Blammo!

It was DNS.

Hi there.

When you say it was a DNS issue…not sure what you mean. I am logged into a machine that is a computer of the domain as well as a user that is a member…any other ideas of what I should check…thanks a ton.

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If you can share your specific issue, I am sure I can help out. In the article above the issue was that he DNS server was at, however it was MIS configured, and the “fat finger” mistyped it as

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Thanks for reaching back out. The DNS is working fine which is weird. I tore down the env and started over. After I set up the Studio VM, I updated the DNS to point to my DNS server …I then successfully joined the machine to the domain. Machine rebooted and then logged into the VM with domain user credentials and then going to Studio I get that error. I confirmed via whoami that I logged into as a domain user…not sure what to do …thanks a ton.

I wonder if it is something as simple as the user who you are logging into the Studio console as does not have access to Studio? Simple Citrix delegated permissions error?

Did you use the steps I provided here to get Citrix up and running? I assume this is a lab?

Thanks a ton…yes this is a lab…how do I give the domain user I am logged in as delegated permissions to Citrix…thanks a ton.

Perhaps you can share some screenshots of the exact error you get when logging into Citrix? The account that installed Citrix should have access to Studio. Did the installation process proceed without issue, now you are having problems accessing the console?

Thanks a ton. I will tear the VM down and start over. After VM creation, I will join the VM to the domain. Shut it down and log back in with a domain user and then install the Citrix software and then again try to get into Studio. I will keep your posted…I really appreciate it.

Happy to help! Please let me know how things go.