IGEL Linux Cheat Sheet

At the recent IGEL Disrupt event, a very handy IGEL Cheatsheet was circulated and then posted to the IGEL community channel. As it is essentially behind a closed wall, that Google will never find, I have decided to post it here for the world to enjoy. Scroll to the bottom to download the cheat sheet in PDF form.

Linux General

cd Change folder
cp Copy
chmod Change file attributes
mkdir Create a folder
rmdir Delete a folder
rm Delete a file
ls Show directory content
su Change to root
vi Texteditor
kill Kill a running task
ps Show running tasks
cat Display a file
more Display a file page by page
mount Mount a partition
user_shutdown Shutdown the system
user_reboot Reboot the system
grep Search for regular expresion
top Task Monitor
killall Kill process by name
sleep Wait
watch Repeat periodic a command
which Locate command
uname Show Linux details
date Date tool

Network general

**ping / ping6 Ping IPV4 / Ping IPV6
/etc/init.d/network restart Restart network service
ftp Start a FTP Client
netstat Display open connections
hostname Display current hostname
route Display/Config network routes
iptables Firewall configuration
probeport Test network port on a host

Linux pipes

> Write output into a new file
>> Extend file with the output
¦ Output is input for next process

Important folders

Configurations / Certs
Contains Icons of Linux and Igel

Hardware related

dmidecode Provide hardware details
lsusb List USB devices
lspci List PCI devices
rtcwake Automatic restart/supend
speaker-test Speaker test
aplay Audio device tool
x11config Show display config
get-edid Display DDC details
saned SANE Daemon
hardinfo Display Hardware Info’s
setserial Setup/Diagnostic for RS232
amixer Audio configuration tool
free Show memory details

Smart Card related

pcsclistreaders List Smart Card readers
/etc/init.d/pcscd Stop / Start PCSC Daemon
opensc-explorer Show available readers
opensc-tool Commandline SC Tool
Printing related
lpq Show current print jobs
lpstat Show finished print jobs
lpr Print a file
lpc Printer control tool
lprm Delete a print job
cancel Cancel the current print job
thnuclnt Shows Thin Print Client
/etc/init.d/cups restart Restart CUPS Print Service

Active directory related

klist Display kerberos tickets
kinit Active Directory login
Misc commands
florence OnScreen Keyboard
notify-send-message Display GUI Text Message

Important files in /wfs

Local configuration
Configuration from UMS
UMS Server certificate
Various log files
Generated sessions

IGEL related: Firmware Update

/config/bin/firmware-update Start firmware update

IGEL related: Custom Partition

custompart Delete/Create a custom partition

IGEL related: Universal Management Suite

ums_available Check available UMS Server
rmregister Start tool to register @ UMS
rmagent_cli UMS Agent commandline
get_rmsettings Get UMS config (reboot to apply)

Network Ethernet / WIFI related

ifconfig Ethernet configuration
iwconfig WIFI configuration
ethtool Tool for ethernet configuration
getmyhwaddr Show current MAC ID’s
getmyip Show current IP
iwgetid Report ESSID
iwlist Scan for available WIFI networks
iwevent Display wireless events
iwspy Provide WIFI information’s

Useful Keyboard shortcuts

ALT+CTRL+TAB Switch active window
TAB+TAB Show commands
ALT+CTRL+Fx Switch between console
/media Removable Storage
/services License related services
CTRL F2 [In IGEL Setup] Switch from GUI to Registry view

New commands

igel_firstboot_wizard Starts the First Boot Wizard
igel_buddy_update_server_scan Search for Buddy Masters in network
start-wireless-manager Starts the Wireless cafe menu (start as user)
xfce4-display-settings Start the old Display Switcher as binary
igel_gamma TOCHECK Should influence the brightness
igel_display_switcher Start the new Display Switcher
xrandr Controls the Screens from command line
systemd-resolve --flush-caches Flush DNS cache
df -h Shows Partition usage
gpicview Starts an Picture Viewer
user_shutdown Shutdown as User
user_reboot Reboot as user
opensc-tool Lists opensc smartcard informations and tools
apparmor_status Lists all services protected by apparmor
applauncher Starts the application launcher
icg-setup Start the ICG GUI Setup or with parameters the CLI
icaconncenter ICA Connection Center
zenity Start with parameters Dialogs
setusercryptparam Saves User encrypted Data like Password to Igel Registry
setcryptparam Saves encrypted Data like Password to Igel Registry
pkcs11getloginname Shows extracted smart card login name
curl https://fqdn.of.website Command line tool to check for trusted certificate
icg-config -s icgserver.com -o yourpassword
IGEL Cloud Gateway config; with url and mass deployment key
zenity --progress --text=“Trying to connect” --percentage=“0” --auto-close &
Dialog with progress bar
nmcli radio wifi off Disables Wifi, On enables it
journalctl -f Showing Syslogs
systemctl restart network-manager Restart Network
killwait_postsetupd reset and applay setup changes set by “setparam”
write_rmsettings Write local setup changes back to UMS.
getmyip cut -d. -f1-4 show device IP only.
dmesg grep yoursearchterm Shows dmesg logs (krb5 a.e.)
cat /etc/os-release Shows actual Igel OS Version

IGEL_OS11_Cheatsheet.pdf (182.2 KB)

Now that you know the awesomeness that is the IGEL Community Slack channel - why have you not yet signed up?