Licensing IGEL Thin Clients For IGEL Cloud Gateway

With the introduction of IGEL OS11, comes a whole new way of licensing your IGEL thin clients. With each thin client license sold, you also need to purchase as a minimum one year of maintenance. So, in order to get a thin client stood up and running as expected, you need to order two distinct parts. The SKU varies depending on if you are ordering one ore three years of maintenance on the license.

If you plan to utilize the IGEL Cloud Gateway product, then you need to order another license, called the Enterprise Management Pack (EMP). This EMP license gives us a few features, that were standard in IGEL OS10.

  • Custom Partitions. If you want to run Google Chrome, Open Office, or even your favorite VPN client as a custom partition, then you now need EMP
  • Mobile Device Management. From what I can tell, this is currently limited to Apple iOS devices and is a very new feature to IGEL OS.
  • Windows device management. We can manage Windows endpoints with UMS, without converting the Windows machine to a Linux thin client
  • IGEL Cloud Gateway functionality. If you need to manage a thin client fleet that is external to your corporate firewall, then you need an EMP license in order for the thin client to register to UMS via ICG.

My quick googling tells me that list price for the EMP license is $44/year, on the following SKU. BSY1L0000000000 I can only assume that if you order a three-year license you will see some kind of discounted rate.

So, with that all out of the way, how do you actually assign the EMP license to your thin client. Here are the steps in a nutshell

  1. Register your Delivery Token at Once registered, it should look something like this.

  2. Now that the licenses are available to be assigned, you have two options to deploy the license. You can create an Automatic License Deployment Token, and add that to UMS. This will automatically distribute EMP licenses to unlicensed thin clients in your UMS.

  3. If you are like us, and do not want to license %100 of your thin clients with an EMP license, you need to manually add the MAC addresses to the activation portal. To do this, click on 'Add Hardware"
    From here

    you need to either upload a CSV (no formatting, one MAC per line) with the MAC addresses or add them one at a time.

  4. Once you have added all of your MAC addresses, you now need to download the license file and add it to your UMS. To do this, click on the bid download button. This will download the license file to your local workstation

  5. You now need to upload the recently downloaded file to UMS. In the UMS console, navigate to UMS Administration - Global Configuration - Licenses - Device Licenses

In the upper right hand of the console, click on the plus icon. This pops a window where you are asked to locate the license file.


Now, browse to where you have the license file and upload!

So to be clear. In order run an IGEL thint and have it connected to ICG, you need to order three SKU’s.

  1. Workspace Edition License
  2. Enterprise Management Pack license
  3. Igel maintenance. This is required in a new UDC license.