Netscaler setup and Install

This guide will be based on the knowledge that you understand Virtual Machines and Hypervisors and will therefore wont go into too much detail on this.

  1. Create a new virtual machine within your hypervisor (in my example I will be using VMWare ESXI)
    suggested requirements are: 4 cpu vcores (2 per socket) and 4gb ram. 20gb Hard drive. Check the virtual appliance has been imported ready to be configured to the new virtual machine.
    Note: you will need an active Citrix account in order to download and import the virtual machine into your hypervisor (Hyper-V, ESXI, Citrix Hypervisor or KVM are the only ones which are supported).

Virtual machine is ready to be launched
2. Upon first startup you will be configuring the Netscaler’s critical features e.g. internal IP addresses,subnet mask & Gateway finally it will ask you for confirmation to save & quit.

  1. With all the network settings setup you will be free to login via a browser e.g. Firefox/Chrome or Edge etc.
    Default login

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I love Netscaler - and if you didnt already know, Netscaler powers a TON of all traffic that traverses the network.