System Thread Exception Not Handled CVhdMp.sys - Hyper-V Documentation


When creating new Devices within Citrix PVS Device Collection after importing the new image set as a standard multi-device image.

You will be presented usually by a Bluescreen after reverse imaging; such as the below:
System Thread Exception Not Handled CVhdMp.sys


The main symptom seems to be that the PVS driver is expecting an entry in the Network side of the driver as it doesn’t match the reversed image server.


The server/VM used to create the Windows 10 image with the Citrix PVS Target Device software. Clone the VM and create a new identical VM.

Create a template from this cloned VM.

Using Citrix PVS create the devices using the template.

Boot your newly created devices.

I tried numerous different articles and this was the only one that resolved it for me. Good Luck!