The Friday Link Dump - January 28 2020

A new feature here on the blog - I am going to be collecting all of my favourite articles from around the internet, and posting them here on a weekly basis. On a Friday - hence the title of the thread. I am calling this the Friday Link Dump.

This week we saw Windows 7 reach end of life status - and for that I present to you the Windows 7 Beta Wallpaper. What a beauty!

To follow up on this (very interesting timing). The NSA - yes those guys have released a PDF outlinng the severity of what is coming in the January 2020 Patch Tuesday. Fire up the patching machine, as this looks to be a doozy.


In other Microsoft news, Microsoft has now made the entire Ignite 2019 video catalog available. There are some very good sessions in here that are worth checking out.

Youtube Link

With all of the Citrix Netscaler crazyness in the wild right now, one thing is common among the various interweb threads, is that there is no real easy way to test if your mitigation is working as expected. Until now. Some crafty person (sorry - I don’t have a source) has come up with an online web based tool to test against CVE-2019-19781. Simply click the link below, punch in your URL that is running on the Netscaler (or Citrix ADC, depending on how long you have been working with Citrix technologies.

Test Against CVE-2019-19781