Top 5 IT Related Podcasts

One upon a time before the world even knew what COVID19 was, I spent approximately an hour a day commuting to and from my workplace. This gave me a lot of time to listen to podcasts in order to pass the time. So from me to you, here are my favourite podcasts to listen to.

  1. 5 Bytes Podcast - Created by another Irishman. This podcasts covers the major stories of the previous week in short, but very good “bytes”. The average length of the podcast is 20-30 minutes. Well worth checking out.

  2. Virtually Speaking Podcast. This podcast covers everything and anything relating to VMWare. There are some super high level marketing episodes, but there are also some deep, deep dives into the nuts and bolts of various VMWare offerings.

  3. DABCC Radio. This is probably the longest running podcast on my list. The episodes are not as regular as they once were (one released every 1-2 months seems to be the new cadence). The podcast is hosted by Doug Brown (Charter Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert). This podcasts covers a lot of EUC related news, with all of the episodes coming in the “interview” format. where there is always, a guest (or two, or three). The podcast never feels like a traditional podcast, more like I am eavesdropping on a conversation between friends, who just happen to be talking about technology.

  4. Darknet Diaries.. I just discovered this podcast about six months ago, and have loved every. single episode. The podcast is focused around IT security, with fantastic interviews of the people on the "dark side of the internet). Some truly fascinating stories, and well worth checking out.

  5. Risk Business.. This is the best IT security podcast out there right now. The two hosts focus on the most recent IT Security news, and break it down so that people who don’t work directly in IT Security understand what hacks are happening, what vulnerabilities have been uncovered, and who has been owned this week.

Thats’s my list. What other IT related podcasts are worth checking out?