Your account is not signed for the S3 service

When I logged into my AWS console I got a little fright. I was presented with the following error when attempting to access Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Your account is not signed up for the S3 service. You must sign up before you can use S3.

This is not a brand new AWS account, so what is going on! To see if it is a phantom error, I attempted to create a new bucket in US-East-1.

I was unable to click on the create button. I thought maybe this was an Identity and Access Management (IAM), so I tried logging in as the root user, but the issue persisted.

After looking into other services, I was getting rather strange errors on some others. Here is the error in AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

ListAliases request failed

SubscriptionRequiredException - The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service


This makes me think that this is now an issue with my account, due to the mention of the subscription. As it is an account related issue, I hopped on a live chat with a support agent who provided me with the following link.

I needed to re-opt in to the basic (free support tier), and things are now working as expected!